Saturday, November 2, 2019


Last week I realized that I read a lot. Every single week I read articles from the best sources, like The New Yorker,  Why not share the best of the best with you via this blog? Let me give it a try with this post.

Today I share a reference to an article by a seventy-one year old, the esteemed Arthur Krystal, that tickled my aging ribs.  I recommend that you read it too. On-line if you're young enough to appreciate that medium at Or, if you're in the older decades of life, run over to the public library to read it in a real magazine. Look for November 4, 2019 issue.

The article is a wry review of recent works on aging, written by a variety of  persons such as scientists, psychologists, ancient and modern philosophers. You'll get all kinds of ideas on the experience of aging.

As Krystal says: "Now that we're living longer, we have the time to write books about living longer."  We also have the time to read articles and books about living longer. All to the better.

Krystal's is one of the best articles of the week in this old guy's opinion.


Old Man with Long Hair
Photographer: Subhams
Via Wikimedia

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