Saturday, April 6, 2019


Absolutely, those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest are familiar with dark days whenever the clouds float in from the Pacific Ocean and the sunlight is blocked. It happens a lot in November, December, and on until June. And not just in the northwestern U.S.A.

On April 5, 2019, just three days ago, I experienced light of the sun overcome the darkness of the rain clouds. I was on my usual afternoon walk at the time when the light of day is normally brightest. Instead, this day the sky was very dark and rain was falling. The photo below gives you a glimpse of the darkness I experienced.

On Gettman Loop, Newberg, Oregon

But you can see a break in the clouds at the right border of the photo. I noticed it on my rainy walk. I remember hoping that bright light would follow. All I needed was for the wind to position the break between sun and me.

Actually, that's exactly what happened. Within five minutes or so, the grass was green, the trees cast actual shadows, and the mood of the day changed for the better. The photo below shows the colors I saw from the same position on the trail. The change was marvelous. Truly, my whole mood toward the walk and the day improved with the surge of sunlight.

That's a lot like our internal psychical experiences. When somber feelings crowd into our psyches, it seems so dark. Maybe your heart rate slows down a bit. Maybe worry and fear dominate.  That's when we need the light.

How do you turn the switch to get that light that fills your heart? One way that works: connect with a good friend, explain your mood, ask for advice or consolation.

Another way: get a positive experience through reading. Many people read or recite devotional religious thoughts to let in the light.

I visited a Quaker religious service recently. At one point the leader called for meditative silence. All sounds ceased for several minutes. Then, a few individuals, one after the other, stood to speak about encouraging experiences or moments of divine light. Something like this can happen in any meditative state.

Consider this Hebrew scripture: "The Lord is my light and my salvation." Psalm 27.

Let kids experience darkness and light. Maybe you turn the house lights down low on Good Friday. Then you let them flare brightly on Easter morning, even before people get up from sleep. Invent your own approach together with your children, grandchildren, or, if you're one of the kids, with your parents.

Easter is a great time to let in the light.

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At April 7, 2019 at 7:19 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Darrell, was eating my breakfast this morning and checking email and yours was there with a link to your blog -- what beautiful words for days like these. The rain and clouds don't get me down a lot, but yesterday was oppressive how the rain blanket covered the whole valley before us and I thought of friends who were alone and maybe having a bad day due to the lack of sun this week. I'll share your thoughts with them - those walks of yours have given you a real ministry dear brother-in-law. Thank you for sharing! Patti & Keith


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