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In previous posts I've been makin' a list and posting it twice      😁      of peoples' issues for governments in 2018. After the November 6, 2018 elections in the U.S., let's pause and measure the FANTASTIC STRIDES that we, the people, have made this year.

Here's a consolidated list of peoples' priority issues in the U.S. If these issues are addressed, then the Year of the People is making progress.

  • Family safety (guns)
  • Education for all
  • Up-to-date health care
  • Jobs and adequate income (include Social Security)
  • Creation Care / Environmental
  • Immigration
  • Respect from government for the governed.
These issues aren't just American. I derive them out of religious and humanitarian traditions from across the world. However, the U.S. elections were a kind of global litmus test so let's take the patient's pulse rate, based on November election results.


Very heartening: the election of many women to the U.S. Congress. Most heartening story of all: the fantastic win of  Rep.-elect, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in Brooklyn, New York City. Not only for her enthusiasm, energy level and the win over an entrenched opponent, but also for her political positions, which reflect the Year of the People positions to a "T." 

U.S. Rep.-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Creative Commons CCO 1.0 Universal Public Domain Deducation via Wikimedia Commons

Another example from across the continent in Washington State. A progressive woman , Kim Schrier, M.D., replaces affable but regressive Rep. Dave Reichert, 8th Congressional District. There are many other examples. Most important for the priorities of the people: a majority in the House of Representatives will share the peoples' priority goals.


You did great, American volunteers, voters, candidates, donors. The battle of democracy of the people, for the people, by the people, continues. We, the people, want the House of Representatives to work for our priority issues. Protect us from White House. Convert the White House.

Good Work, everyone!  Now take some time, enjoy the holidays, get some R. and R., then back to the hard work. In the U.S. it's work toward the all-important 2020 national election. 


We're working for national governments everywhere of, by, for the people. We have more work cut out for us, wherever we and our families live.

In the U.S. it's soon back to work toward the presidential election of 2020. Cap the victory of 2018 with a decisive peoples' victory in 2020. We must elect a peoples' president and many senators who share the peoples' agenda.

Meantime, we need to protect ourselves against the anti-peoples' agenda of the current White House. Let's be optimistic and expect the President of the U.S. to repent and convert. Donald, here's notice to you: You're Trumped. You're a politician, right?Read the tea leaves and adopt our Peoples' agenda and values.  You're now stuck in a box of your own creation. Reform your program, get  yourself under control, and govern FOR THE PEOPLE. Same for other national leaders worldwide.

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