Saturday, June 16, 2018


Have you experienced the joy of re-entry into family, religious fellowship, ? I’m thinking of the recovery of mental and moral energy that we experience in coming home.

How big is “home”? When you think of “home,” “heim,” “ma maison,” what comes to mind? A family relationship? A town or region? A nation? A business? The world itself—a globe spinning in space? An ideal society of spiritual beings that you’ve never experienced immediately but hope to? Or all of these?

“Home” has referred, at times, to all of these dimensions of life. “home” means those environments where I know love, experience acceptance, and feel secure.

Home in the large scale sense has gone “poof” and disappered. Given uses of electronic networks for both good and evil, struggle for dominance through control of arsenals of powerful weapons, and the retirement of widely-acknowledged spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu. . .”home” in the large-scale dimension has been almost blown away.

I might look to the United Nations as a large-scale “home”. In fact I did so in the days of Dag Hammarksjold, the first General Secretary. Later General Secretaries like Moon and Guterres have failed to inspire. They, seemingly, are great bureaucrats but not inspirers of dreams. Early in his reign

I thought of Pope Francis as “parental” globally, but he seems to have gone to sleep in Rome and isn’t functioning well.

A sadness: All I see in the parental role in the large-scale global scene is political leaders seeking personal dominance, supported by wealthy patrons.  Struggling for personal dominance but not serving the common good like a guardian or parent. This is a struggle among tyrants, not global home-building.

So, the question presented to human society is this: who can and will come to the fore in the role of creating a global home? Is there a candidate, or several candidates, who will promote national and global freedom, justice and green values? Who will create home for all?

Am I missing something? Do you have names to suggest? I want to feel at home.

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