Saturday, September 9, 2017

GLOBAL WARMING: TO AFFIRM OR DENY? The White House and the Weather

In 2015 then-candidate Trump said,
"'Obama's talking about all of this with the global warming and...a lot of it's a hoax. It's a hoax. I mean, it's a money-making industry, OK? It's a hoax.'" 

But, for many years TRUTH SEEKING and TRUTH-TELLING scientists and ethicists have said the contrary.

I’ve found a marvelous example of TRUTH, written almost three decades ago, and I want to share it with you.

            Global Dust Bowl: Can We Stop the Destruction of the Land before It’s Too Late?” by C. Dean Freudenberger.  (Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1990.)

                Let me introduce Dean, the author. He’s served as professor of Christian ethics at Claremont School of Theology. He won his Ph.D. in social ethics from Boston University, is a trained agronomist, and has been a consultant on soil and agriculture in more than 30 countries. He's a specialist in topsoil as well as ethics. An unbeatable combination. He knows the scientific truth; he tells the truth.
His view: “Our lives are totally dependent on the earth’s thin layer of precious topsoil. Yet, during human history, 50% of our planet’s arable land has been lost forever—either blown away or washed into the sea because of irresponsible land use.
  “These losses continue. . . ."  (Yes, we've just experienced that in the U.S.A.: Louisiana and Florida.)
Dean wrote: ”immediate action is required to avert a ‘global dust bowl.’” 
I know Dean. He’s not a fake. He now lives at Pilgrim Place retirement center in Claremont. He helps the center grow its own food without chemical fertilizers. Dean is a truth-teller.
The global-warming denier, President Trump, is huddled this weekend in Camp David as Hurricane Irma chews up Florida. Join me in praying to God that this summer's weather catastrophes will move him and his cabinet: 
  • to think responsibly on global warming, refund the Environmental Protection Agency, 
  • to refund the Environmental Protection Agency and free federal agency scientists to tell the scientific truth, and
  • to prepare an energetic national program to slow global warming.

Let's FACE THE TRUTH and work to avert the total global dust bowl. 

This prayer for the President is consistent with Christian social principles. Quoting the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church: "All creation is the Lord’s, and we are responsible for the ways in which we use and abuse it. Water, air, soil, minerals, energy resources, plants, animal life, and space are to be valued and conserved because they are God’s creation and not solely because they are useful to human beings." 

We know that Good Pope Francis and his predecessors agree. Worth reading at this link.
And here.  Question: are there cabinet members who has the guts to bring faith to Trump's attention? This weekend and in the next months?

He, Trump, claims to be a Christian you know. But by his actions he's a denier of his faith. 

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