Saturday, April 1, 2017


President Trump has said he's troubled by the press.

Are you, too?

I am, which is about all Trump and I have in common except membership in the human race.

Here's my problem with the press. Whenever I open my browser to do something (anything: read the e-mail, whatever) and there’s that pouting president. I Result: I forget why I have opened the browser and click on "news". And there's that face!  I follow the face rather than my thought .My time is stolen.

Some examples:

President Trump looking sad. Family trying to get him to smile?
Photo in public domain via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump 
Photo in public domain via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump. The Decisive, Tough Trump. 
Photo in public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Immediately after the election results a friend said to me, "You mean I have to look at that face every day for four years?" 

At that time I thought she was ungracious. Now I see her point.

Evidently the press knows that the face gets clicks. Produce a photo, get clicks. I toss this out to the press: give me a presidential story without a photo. Let me get on with my work. 

My post next week: back to something serious. If I can avoid distraction by getting hooked by the face.

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