Saturday, June 4, 2016


Boy's first bike ride. Dave Reeck learned to ride on a small two-wheeler with training wheels in a driveway and on a sidewalk in front of our family house on North 29th Street, Tacoma, WA. I never even imagined, back in 1974 as I stabilized him on his first rides, that he'd become an adventure cyclist a few decades later, but he has become that!

For a year and more, Dave has been preparing intently for his great summer adventure, which begins June 10, 2016. He begins pedaling from Banff, the city in the Canadian Rockies and the starting point of the annual Tour Divide. The off-road bicycle race weaves down the spine of the Rocky Mountains all the way (2,745 miles) to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The race typically draws around 200 competitors.

Photo left: Dave's bike, outfitted with supplies and with his Chicken, which accompanies him on all his adventures including his successful summit of Mt. Rainier in 2014.

Determination: Dave's been working on details for the race night and day for at least a year. His determination will peak during the month-long ride. He'll be confronted with high altitude elevation gains, dirt roads, possibly wild animals (for which he carries bear spray), rarity of lodgings and stores. Oh, I could add big mosquitoes. Really big.

Preparation: a wonderful bicycle, especially outfitted for off-rod travel. High end athletic clothing. A web site. A Facebook page. Much more.

Dave in Seattle 6/6/2016, with the bicycle, packed and ready to load in the car for the trip to Banff and the start of the race. (Photo by Elliot Stoller.)

Reporting. I only hope he'll have time and energy to stay in touch via Facebook and his website. Even now you will find many photos and clever posts on both sites.

As parents, his Mom and I are glad that we were able to get the little guy used to two wheels all those years ago. From then 'til now we've observed as his rides grew from two blocks to 200 miles in length. We've bitten our nails thinking of the risks that he's encountering while commuting to work on bike every workday in Seattle traffic. 

And now, we, Mom and Dad, wish him the absolute best and anticipate attending the grand party after his return home from Antelope Wells.

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