Saturday, April 2, 2016


If you move into your new residence, some maintenance matters pop to the surface. Right? The new homeowner takes account of both known maintenance needs. Needs unknown at first come to the surface soon. Urgent ones get fixed first, others can be deferred. It's as useless to think, "Why didn't they tell me about this?" as it is to not fix it.

I'm not sure that Jesus spoke about remodelling. Maybe so, since he was a carpenter by trade. He certainly talked about building, and making sure that the foundation was firm.  Pinning down his main point: building a physical structure is like building a life. Do it well.

Currently, my family of two is re-making parts of the house we occupied two years ago. Earlier, we remodelled another part. I'm know what I'm writing about.

But, have you thought about remodelling your life? It's a more important subject than remodelling your house.

We live in a day of personal health specialties. You can go to the medical doctor/nurse practitioner for physical illness, and that extends into counselling for mental and psychological illness. You'll be able to name other health specialists, some covered by standard insurance policies and others not.

Can you find a spiritual healer? Alternatively, can you proceed a decent distance on your own? Do you need a specialist? Not that you're system is totally broken. Just that remodelling is a continuous process.

Personal spiritual remodelling adds some truthful nuances to what others have meant by conversion or transformation. Possibly you've had a conversion, whether years ago or recently. Either way, you're tempted to think that you're done with your personal remodelling.

But when you think you've arrived and you're done with personal remodelling, you're falling into a trap. If you've told yourself your personal remodelling is over, you're living in an illusion.

If you don't keep replacing the old carpeting, repairing your broken window, replacing the washers in the leaking faucet you're going downhill as a homeowner.

Also, spending time, energy and creativity on your personal spiritual remodelling is essential. Gain knowledge on how to do it! And on how to allow it be done on your behalf.

I hope you'll follow up on your remodelling. So many of your are doing this so well. Others of you are falling behind, missing out on the best that life has for you. To help any and all of us, myself included, scriptures can be tremendous resources. Beyond that, I recommend Paul Tournier, His book, The Healing of Persons, is the most widely read of his many writing and remains very helpful decades after its original publication.

More later. Meantime, keep remodelling your life. Your comfort and safety depend on keepin' at it.

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