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Happy Easter / Felices Pascuas / for kids / des enfants / niños y niñas

Ready for a Happy Easter // Smiling Faces // Active Brains
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Ask a child: “What is your favorite memory of last Easter?”
The kid might answer: “The Easter egg hunt.” Or, “the Easter bunny.”
Easter family celebrations, properly prepared, yield lots of immediate joy.
Here are some activities that families do enjoy: simple, easy to prepare, fun, meaningful.

  • Join an Easter egg hunt in your church or your community. Volunteer to help prepare for it. Almost all churches and many community organizations sponsor fun Easter activities. 
  • Create your own family Easter egg hunt in your neighborhood park, or in your yard or even inside your home. You’ll be surprised and surprised again at the youthful energy.
(Ask youngsters to help you decorate chicken eggs for the hunt. They love this.)
You don’t want to boil chicken eggs? Then buy multi-colored eggs.

  • You can also find plastic eggs, shell only. Detach part A from part B, place a chocolate piece inside, reattach the two parts and hide the egg. Kids like chocolate better than hard boiled eggs, of course.
Additional ideas, fun for all:
            An out-of-doors Easter breakfast, weather permitting.
            Teaching: A bare flower bulb next to a bulbous flower in bloom, illustrating burial and new life.

Show a bulb, then a sprout like above, and a flower as below

  • More teaching: help kids learn “Happy Easter” in another language. Some examples: joyeuses Pâques (Fr.) / Frohe Ostern (German) / Felices Pascuas (Sp.) / 复活节快 Fùhuó jié kuàilè (Mandarin)
 With simple, fun, inexpensive activities like these you’ll be planting memories that will endure for a lifetime.  

Happy Easter! (March 27, 2016 in many countries.)


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