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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Dear reader:

Are you aware that vaccinations don't cover the full range of influenzas? 

Despite vaccinations, quite a few people are ill right now. I'm one of them. I've discovered that vaccinations don't cover every sort of flu.

During the week past I had flu symptoms that just would quit. I went to the internal medicine nurse practitioner at Oregon Health and Sciences University on Thursday, February 4, and got a diagnosis along with ideas for immediate action. Diagnosis: stomach flu. Action recommendation: bed rest and electrolyte drinks. To double check, I went to Mayo Clinic's website. Their description and recommendation matched the NP's report. Even though stomach flu can become deadly there's no vaccination for it.

Net result: I'm feeling better but I'll never make my Saturday posting deadline with a reasonable post. 

So I'm taking a breather from posting except for this recommendation: if you or your family have flu symptoms see a practitioner at read Mayo's article on viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu.) You might be amazed. 

Have a healthy week! I'll be back next Saturday.


P.S. This blog is about self-discovery. I think I've just made an important self-discovery. Sometimes it's best for me to miss a deadline. Maybe for you too?

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