Saturday, August 22, 2015

GREEN GOES BLACK AND CHARRED: Smoky skies over Northwest USA

forest fires. Twisp. Washington State. Dead firefighters.

I'm writing a mini-post this week to allow for spending time on family vacation with my Seattle and Portland kids and grandchildren gathered  in Bethany, Oregon.

You've read about the forest and field fire season in the West, Today it's so obvious as skies smoky over Portland. Last night the sunset was ember red; this morning the hills are obscured by smoke.

I want to acknowledge the heroism of the three young firefighters who died in the Twisp, Washington fire during the past week, and to give a thought and prayer for their surviving families and communities.

"Lord, have mercy."

Fire fighting in the woods (or anywhere, for that matter) is a tough, dangerous and demanding occupation. Danger always lurks. You undoubtedly join me in giving thanks for the men and women who fight fires.


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