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In the small town of Andernach, Germany, according to the Swiss newspaper "Neue Zuercher Zeitung,"  urban gardeners have captured the title of Germany's Guerilla Gardeners #1. A photo that will entertain you (just click on the link to go there) depicts six or seven buergers (citizens) weeding a vegetable garden, or just plain chatting perhaps. The plants include cabbage, beets, and beans.

The German city's project runs under the name, Edible City. It's a clever concept, and not restricted to Germany.

In DuPont, WA, Intel provides raised bed gardens for vegetable fanciers from the town. In Tacoma, WA, the city sets aside some empty patches of ground for vegetable gardening. On my recent walks in Seattle, I saw little by way of public space for gardening.

I especially appreciate those retirement centers that create gardening zones for the residents. Franke Tobey Jones and Tacoma Lutheran are two such gardening-friendly places that come to mind. Here in Portland, OR my middle-school grandson gave some volunteer time to preparing the soil in a community garden. And take a peek at this garden in Texas.

                               "". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia – original by Steven Mattern. 

Wherever you live, spring is the time to prepare your plans, space in some mulch, and get ready to plant. It's becoming a thing to do--again.

My parents were avid urban gardeners. Many of our annual supply of berries, root crops, apples and corn were grown in and harvested from the back yard. My dad was an early subscriber to "Organic Gardening." He thought organic gardening was the right thing to do.

What is your experience with urban gardening? Your favorite vegetable or berry to plant and grow? Your dream garden that you're working on? Give us some input; comment below. 





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