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Friday, January 2, 2015


 Cold War, Paris, Berlin, London, Dakar, Freetown Sierra Leone, Monrovia Liberia, Seattle, self-discovery, travel

Friend, Happy New Year, and here’s a new Darrell Reeck book, Straying Home, published January 1, to help you start the year with some laughter and happy thoughts.
The settings? Seattle, West Africa, Paris, Berlin, London.
When? The year 1960-61: the independence movement in full swing in West Africa, the Cold War era in Europe.
Storyline 1: for Darrell and Lucy: from boyfriend / girl friend to a two year breakup to marriage.
Storyline 2: “Straying” the world, then “Home” to the married life for Lucy and Darrell and a settled spirituality for Darrell, the then-young clergyperson and ethicist.
What else? 106 historical color photos of people, places and events in Europe and Africa.
How to read it? Here at you’ll find the book in five parts and instructions on how to read it. Or, if you prefer, you can email and I’ll send you a PDF copy by return email. Either way, the book is entirely free of charge.

This is the second and final part of a series. The first part is the printed book, Growing Green Two Ways!, available in independent book stores, online bookstores, and through your library.

I hope you enjoy Straying Home. And if you do feel it has merit, share news of it with friends.

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