Saturday, June 28, 2014


My generation is retiring and wondering silently or aloud how to live in the next phase of life. Can living "greenly" shed some new light on retirement?

An example: the Rev. Thomas Larson in his farewell remarks to the delegates to the Oregon-Idaho annual conference of United Methodists in June, 2014, said: "I can look out [into this assembly] and see people who have been instrumental for me in every step of life's journey."

Without doubt, Larson's retirement will be blessed deeply by his memory of this event and the relationships he's enjoyed. But most likely he will never experience a similar sight again. He'll be pulling back from appearances on the main stage. He retired.

"Retire" in English builds on a French word: re-tirer, to pull back. To pull back from what? In current English it means to pull back from working for income, or from a sports position. The word puts the focus giving up and upon economics. "Retirement" is weighted toward the negative by definition and its negativity can spoil the rest of your life unless you can shift to a positive understanding of your next phase.

My main suggestion: shift to the positive. Restrict "retirement" to the event when you and your final employer part ways. Start thinking "green living" for the phase of life after your retirement event.

In brief, after your retirement live greenly. That's a major shift and culturally unconventional but it'll give you positive, powerful and tangible results. Next week I'll give six tips that are working right now for post-retirement "greenies."

Meantime, you may wish to enjoy Thomas Larson's and other retirees' wise words on video. Be prepared to hear the very first words on the video. You'll be inspired.

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Photo: Servicemen escorting retiree to living quarters. (United States Navy, photo in public domain.)


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