Friday, May 30, 2014


Why do writers write? (Or translators translate? See surprise at the end of this post.)

Some  write for themselves. Your grandmother wrote her journal for herself.

But Ernest Hemingway, I think, said, "You write for yourself. And for others." Many others have echoed the thought.

"Great book!", an author reads in an email. Those two words send a writer RIGHT THROUGH THE ROOF. Writers need reader feedback like preachers need "amens" and musicians need applause.

Here's my personal experience. I thank Dennis Flannigan, who said about my book, "Recommended."

And I thank author Peggy Barton, who wrote, "I could shoot myself -with your BB gun! - for not indulging myself earlier with your great book!"  Very special words! Thanks again, Dennis and Peggy and many others who've penned similar motivating messages.

A suggestion for you: encourage a writer today. Send a motivating e-message, a "thank you", to your favorite writer.  Maybe your note will motivate her or him to start on a new piece, and maybe the new piece will become your favorite!

By the way, it motivated me to discover that multiple readers are accessing "Growing Green Two Ways!" through libraries such as Tacoma Public Library, Pierce County Library, University of Puget Sound Library and, soon, Washington County Library System in Oregon.

Also, "likes" on the "Growing Green Two Ways!" Facebook page motivate me, and I need thirty four more page likes to meet the next goal. Please click the "Like" button right below the photo of Mt. Rainier at the top of the page. Click here to go to the Facebook page.

Friends, thanks for all you do for writers. The writerly life can become a solitary pursuit unless there's feedback.

Help keep literature alive and writers lively. Give feedback. Give thanks.


(Now I'll take my own medicine and thank my nephew Matt Reeck, translator of "Pearls of Regret," by Saadat Hasan Manto, reviewed in New York Times Book Review, May 11, 2014, p. 27. Congratulations, Matt, and thank you for your effort and language skills!)


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