Sunday, May 11, 2014


The new theory is that drinking and bathing in creeks and rivers exposes Africans to weakness to H.I.V.

If this can be substantiated with further research, sub-Saharan African people may be rid of the epidemic of H.I.V.

NY Times article on H.I.V.

In South Africa in 1998, with United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, I witnessed the disastrous consequences of H.I.V. first hand. Outside of Johannesburg in a small town, the education board had condemned an older school building and left it vacant. Members of The Methodist Church of South Africa turned the building into a care facility for kids whose parents had died of H.I.V. The church also housed children who had H.I.V. themselves. The kids seemed happy, the volunteer staff seemed purposeful, but the situation that required such a facility seemed so sad.

Now, with new scientific insight, perhaps an underlying cause can be addressed. Prayers that the theory will be substantiated. If it is, I know that it will be acted upon. May it be so!


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