Monday, February 3, 2014

Moms! Work Winter Wonders for Your Kids

What wonders moms can work for their kids during the cold season! It’d be easy to let them play Minecraft to get through to spring. And that’s not a bad game! But winter is great for out-of-doors activities, and moms can lead. Kids will follow. It worked that way in my family. My mom sighed for snow, longed for ice, and came alive in a new way when temperatures dropped below freezing. I just followed where she led me and found fantastic fun.

Maybe you'll drive the family above the snow line in nearby mountains, depending on weather and on where you live. Parents know that kids thrive on snowboarding and love downhill skiing. Cross-country skiing is great for the entire family.

Even just sledding is super, especially for younger kids. Do you want your kids to be proud? I towed my sled almost a mile from home to the sledding hill on the golf course and back. I was so proud of my Flyer. I still am proud of it, and now my grandchildren ride it.

If a nearby lake freezes over, teach your kids how to skate. Kids love skating and a lakeside bonfire. Whoosh! "There goes (fill in the child's name) on racing skates!" Everyone is in awe at the sight. Back at the fire they ask, "Where'd you get those skates?"

Sure, every winter sport involves some risk. It's just an opportunity for moms to teach children how to cut risk to have safe fun. My mom always insisted that I test the ice for strength before skating on it. Safety first, then the fun.

I write this post in honor of my fantastic mom. She made sure I got out of the house during winter and learned how to sled and skate. She and my dad also provided opportunities for some downhill skiing, but honestly, that led to embarrassing situations which I remember now with laughs. I tell all in my book, Growing Green Two Ways!

My mom’s leadership in winter sports helped me dissipate the winter blues, get great exercise, and build some winter sports skills that my wife and I passed on to our kids.

Mom knew that winter was a great time for family activities. You can read a lot about my mom’s attitudes and ideas in Growing Green Two Ways! You’ll get ideas that you can use today, and some good laughs too. Read more about the book on this site. Then buy it at, Barnes and Noble, or at Seattle Pacific Bookstore.

Good sledding to you! Skiing, snowboarding, and skating, too.

P.S. What winter out-of-doors activities do you encourage as activities for the younger generation today? Please leave a comment.



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