Thursday, December 12, 2013

Create a More Memorable Christmas

Five Tips from Yesteryear

How can you create a more memorable Christmas this year? Prepare, surprise and be intent on creating a joyful day.

Here are some things my dad talked about from his Christmas on the farm in Sharon, Wash.:

  • His father would bring in a fresh evergreen tree on the day before Christmas. Kids' emotion? Anticipation! (Tip for 2013: Whether your tree is fresh-cut or manufactured, make the purchase and set-up an event for your family.)
  • His mother and father would decorate it overnight and place presents under the tree. (Tip: Set up a surprise for your family. Maybe a gift hidden within the boughs of the tree?) 
  • Christmas morning, the kids would gather in the living room for the tree lighting. Kids’ emotion?  Excitement! Tip: Sing a carol to remind everyone that  Christmas is all about birth of Jesus. Follow it up with the opening of presents. Kids' emotion? Joy!
From my childhood:
  • The most meaningful gift in my memory is my first bicycle.Tip: Put thought into your gift-giving this year to give presents that are meaningful and memorable.
  • Gift giving always was followed by my family gathering around the table. Tip: After the gifts are opened, head off to breakfast and/or Christmas  dinner (featuring kids' favorite foods) with a sweet dessert. Splurge a little—it's Christmas, after all!
In Growing Green Two Ways!, my reflections of a Pacific Northwest childhood, I offer up other Christmas traditions, which leads to my final tip: Surprise someone by ordering and giving this “Wow!” book for Christmas. Available at by clicking here.

Photo source:  Wikimedia.  Photo in the public domain.


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